Project (1)
~ Activate My Card, Bank of America


The primary objective of the Activate My Card flow within the Erica chat interface was to streamline the card activation process for Bank of America customers. By integrating AI technology, specifically the Erica chatbot, the aim was to provide users with a convenient and intuitive method to activate their cards quickly and efficiently. This initiative sought to enhance the overall user experience while maintaining the security standards expected from a leading financial institution.

Users + Audience

The target audience for the Activate My Card flow encompassed Bank of America customers who were seeking a hassle-free method to activate their newly issued cards. This included a diverse range of users, from tech-savvy individuals accustomed to digital interactions to those less familiar with technology. Understanding the varied demographics and technological proficiencies of Bank of America's customer base was crucial in designing a solution that catered to the needs of all users.


  1. Card Selection: Users are presented with a list of cards associated with their account and can easily select the card they wish to activate.
  2. Pin Request: Throughout the activation process, users have the option to request their card's PIN for added security and convenience.
  3. Intuitive Interaction: Erica anticipates users' needs by providing suggested follow-up questions related to the card activation process, enhancing the conversational flow and guiding users through the experience.
  4. Clear Feedback: Once the user selects a card for activation, Erica provides immediate confirmation, reassuring users that their request has been successfully processed.

Needs + Solutions

Need: Simplify the card activation process.
Solution: The Activate My Card flow leverages Erica's conversational interface to guide users through the activation process step by step, eliminating the need for complex navigation or multiple interactions. By presenting a clear list of cards and enabling users to select their desired card with a single click, the process is streamlined and user-friendly.

Need: Ensure security throughout the activation process.
Solution: By integrating a PIN request option at various stages of the interaction, users have the opportunity to verify their identity and enhance the security of the card activation process. This feature adds an extra layer of protection while maintaining the convenience of the AI-driven interface.

Need: Anticipate users' questions and provide relevant assistance. 
Solution: Erica's proactive approach to suggesting follow-up questions based on users' initial inquiries ensures that users receive the assistance they need throughout the card activation process. By anticipating common queries and providing relevant information upfront, Erica enhances the overall user experience and minimizes user effort.

Roles + Responsibilities

I collaborated closely with our product and content partners to develop the Activate My Card flow within the Erica chat interface. Together, we made decisions about semantics, ensuring that the language used was clear and aligned with the bank's brand voice.


In conclusion, the Activate My Card flow within the Erica chat interface represents a successful integration of AI technology to streamline a critical aspect of the banking experience. By prioritizing simplicity, security, and user-centric design principles, the solution effectively addresses the needs of Bank of America's diverse customer base.