Project (3)
~ Lorbita, Mobile Garden Tracker


Lorbita is a mobile app that helps urban food growers plant their crops according to the moon's lunar phases. This is an ancient philosophy that modern farmers continue to recognize and practice. Lorbita, however, serves as a tool for the local or casual food grower who is not familiar with traditional farming practices. The app includes a calendar which outlines the best days for sowing, planting and weeding based on the moon's position. Users will know exactly which crops to plant on each day, to achieve their gardening goals. The name derives from the words "Luna" which means moon, and "orbit."


  1. The four basic functions of my app are:
  2. Display a moon phase calendar
  3. Provide a list of the best crops to seed/plant/weed for each phase
  4. Crop tracker where users can keep record of what they planted and when
  5. Alerts to notify users of a new lunar phase in case they want to plant something new

Potential Users

  1. College student living in the city who is interested in the permaculture movement
  2. Retiree with extra time to now grow his/her own food
  3. Stay at home mother who homeschools her children and wants her family to have homegrown produce
  4. Young professional who is looking for a hobby to decompress from a hectic work schedule
  5. Expanding on profile 4, this app would be great for that person because the app will provide everything there is to know about moon gardening. All the user has to do is purchase the seeds and follow what the app tells them to do. This will give the young professional time away from the computer desk and allow him/her to work with their hands and connect with nature.

Client Goals

  1. Reconnect people in urban areas with the earth by growing their own food instead of relying on industrial manufacturers and growers. (political)
  2. Save money by growing one's own food or being able to sell produce to neighbors/those in the community. (financial)
  3. For a small fee, get an upgrade to the app that will connect users in their same area. (social)
  4. Increase personal food growing in urban areas. (functional)


I mapped out the core features of the app, with the six main areas of focus color coded. This map also shows how the various functions interact with each other.