I'm a product designer with a focus on Information Architecture, Visual Design and Interaction — using design thinking methodologies to solve problems for businesses and users.


  1. EIN Proofing, H&R Block
  2. Estate Planning, Ethos Life
  3. Sleep.EZ
  4. ACH Incentive, Ethos Life
  5. Client Preference Center, H&R Block


Project (1) 


Design a solution for business clients of H&R Block to access digital copies of their business returns.


Entity clients cannot digitally access their business returns for current or prior year taxes. Enabling business clients to access their reutrns within the MyBlock application allows for simplified tax management.


There are two use cases for this solution:
1) Discovery within the Taxes section.
The link for EIN verification will be shown as a CTA on the current and prior year sections of taxes. The return will be displayed within the individual years of the documents section.
2) Prompting during Identity Proofing.
The second use case is showing EIN verification as a secondary process after completing the ID proofing process. The client would be prompted on an additional screen to verify their EIN and access their business return.


Once I am aware of key issues and goals, I gather relevant information pertaining to the ideal solution. This includes exploring consumer behavior and collecting observational data. Next, I create a sketch based on insights from the research. I then proceed to prototyping, testing and refining.  


EIN Verification occurs in the following scenarios:
  1. Prompt the user to enter the EIN of the return they wish to see
  2. "Next" button
  3. "Cancel" button
  4. Verification success
  5. Show failure screen if EIN verification fails


The designs I executed for this project proved to be successful. I gained insights from looking closely at how business clients manage their returns and the solutions created to meet their needs. With H&R Blocks new EIN Proofing, clients are able to enjoy a simple, straihtforward process which caters to their complex, and sometimes unconventional tax goals.