I'm a product designer with a focus on Information Architecture, Visual Design and Interaction — using design thinking methodologies to solve problems for businesses and users.


  1. EIN Proofing, H&R Block
  2. Estate Planning, Ethos Life
  3. Sleep.EZ
  4. ACH Incentive, Ethos Life
  5. Client Preference Center, H&R Block



Through the acquisition of Tomorrow, Ethos gained a suite of products which includes Estate Planning. Offering Wills & Trusts at no additional cost to Ethos customers adds value to their purchase. 


Designs for Estate Planning should to be simple and light on content. Since this offer appears at checkout, the new elements needed to be carefully placed as to not overwhelm or confuse users. If customers do not understand the Estate Planning package, we run the risk of missing our goal of increasing conversion.

Needs + Solutions

There were two variants for this experiment:

1) Optimized messaging + deadline - This variant included a rolling deadline in the copy which provided additional incentive to users and their purchase.
2) Optimized messaging without a deadline - The deadline was removed from variant 2 in order to test the performance of its appearance on the screen.

User Research

(Facilitated by Ethos Research team)
The Estate Planning benefit was well-received by the majority of participants for the following reasons:

  • The information was easy to comprehend
  • Life and insurance and Wills & Trusts are complimentary products, so it adds a level of protection and convenience for Ethos customers
  • Finding a lawyer and creating a trust can be a timely and expensive and this free benefit gives customers peace of mind


Designs for the bottom of funnel Estate Planning benefit to a 12% lift in conversion.