I'm a product designer with a focus on Information Architecture, Visual Design and Interaction — using design thinking methodologies to solve problems for businesses and users.


  1. EIN Proofing, H&R Block
  2. Estate Planning, Ethos Life
  3. Sleep.EZ
  4. ACH Incentive, Ethos Life
  5. Client Preference Center, H&R Block



Create an interface for customers to select which channels they want us to use to communicate with them and the content streams they are interested in.

Design Sprint Goal

Clients cannot centrally control how H&R Block communicates with them, including the types of content they receive and the channels through which the content is delivered.

Goal: Align, design and UX test an MVP prototype for the MyBlock Client Preference Center.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. The same preference center will be accessible via all HRB digital properties and lines of business.
  2. Customer has the ability to select which channels they are opting into and what content and products they want to receive information on.
  3. Solution must be scalable to allow for changes in privacy legislation and any new channels/content streams developed in the future.

Ideation + Exploration

I worked cross-functionally in Miro with other teams to map out the core features of the new preference center.
  • Day 1 was spent aligning the core team on a shared understanding of the current state and opportunities
  • Day 2 was spent exploring solutions together and lightly concepting ideas for testing.
  • Day 3 was spent aligning on the strategy  

Prototypes + Testing Results

Test A
  • Clients appreciated the simplicity of prototype A and liked seeing all their options on one screen
  • When clients were presented with prototype A they naturally understood the design pattern and interface
  • Less detail was seen as the biggest pain point, but users appreciated having all the information in one spot to review
Test B
  • Clients appreciated the granularity of prototype B and liked seeing more detailed descriptions about their options in the preference center
  • When clients were shown more options, most wanted to have additional control – prototype B accomplishes this
  • More click throughs were seen as a slight pain point, but the additional detail given paid off for the additional clicks


Based on user feedback, the team decided to move forward with Test A.